Travel grants

The German Society for Plant Sciences (DBG) provides a maximum of 100 travel grants of up to 350 EUR.


  • You are a member of the DBG (membership applications are possible any time; the membership fee for the first two years is only 20 EUR per year)
  • You are a young scientist without holding a full position
  • You are working on a topic of plant science
  • You are presenting a poster or giving a (short) oral presentation
  • Duplicated financial support is excluded

Fill in the travel grant application form. You find the form in the intranet of the DBG, login details are available for members.

24 May 2022 at the latest

You will get an email confirming the submission of your travel grant application and will be informed about the success in due time.

Shortly after the end of of the conference travel grant submitters will receive a form to indicate their expenses. Furthermore, a statement regarding additional financial support from the institute/department or third party has to be submitted.