Hygiene measures

We would like to ask all conference guests to take a COVID-19 self-test before arriving and to attend the conference only if the test result is negative and if you are symptom-free.

All participants, speakers and contributors are encouraged to observe hygiene rules for proper coughing and sneezing as well as for thorough hand washing and best possible distance to other participants.

Even though the current legal framework no longer makes it compulsory to wear FFP2 or medical masks, it remains strongly recommended - for one's own protection and that of all others. It should therefore be self-evident to obey these guidelines. Each conference guest is responsible for providing a suitable mask.
As far as possible, keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from other persons. In closed rooms that do not have technical ventilation, ventilation is carried out via the windows for a few minutes at regular intervals, preferably during breaks.

Hand disinfection is provided in the entrance area, in the sanitary areas, in front of the rooms and well distributed in the whole conference venue. Surface disinfectant is provided at the entrance area, in the rooms used and at the catering area; corresponding surfaces are cleaned at regular intervals. In addition, regular cleaning of public and sanitary areas takes place.

All participants and speakers are registered with contact details via an electronic registration system; a name badge will be issued at the check-in in the entrance area. It is not permitted to stay in the entire conference area without a name badge. It is possible to gain access to the conference area via a self-check-in. This avoids queues in the entrance area. Persons with symptoms of illness or in contact with sick persons will be asked at check-in to refrain from attending the conference.

The catering staff also follow the specified hygiene and behavioral rules. In the form and presentation of food for participants, explicit attention is paid to ensuring that the food is handed over with as little contact as possible. Coffee breaks will be served in the industrial exhibition of the venue (assembly hall). Lunch will be provided by the "Mensa am Hofgarten" directly in front of the conference venue. Meals will be served in a one-way system and in compliance with the required minimum distances. All participants will find daily usable canteen vouchers in the participant documents.

Participants will be informed in advance in writing about the planned hygiene measures. In addition, these will be published in advance on the congress website and their observance will be pointed out on site by means of suitable notices.


Here you can find all measures for download in German and English:

Hygiene measures